OTH MEME: [2/8] Friendships → “We became friends, and now she’s my best friend.”

OTH MEME: [1/8] Friendships → “You’re the same person you’ve always been. That’s not a list of who you are, it’s a list of who you’re gonna be. That’s still up to you.”

OTH MEME: [7/7] Sad Moments → “The best part is you screw the nanny and Jamie ends up hating me.”

OTH MEME: [6/7] Sad Moments → “Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. I could tell you who said it, but who the hell cares.”

OTH MEME: [5/7] Sad moments → “It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The artists, and the scientists, and the poets…none of them fit in at seventeen. You’re supposed to get past it. Adults, they see kids killing kids and they know its a tragedy because they used to be those kids. The bullies and the beaten and the loners. You’re supposed to get past it. You’re supposed to live long enough to take it back. Just take it all back.”

OTH MEME: [4/7] Sad moments → “I shouldn’t of tried to change you or us. And now I’m done trying.”

OTH MEME: [3/7] Sad Moments → “Peyton. I hate you. I wish you never came back. You ruined my life.”

OTH MEME: [2/7] Sad moments → “She’s not coming back. What am I gonna do?”

OTH MEME: [1/7] Sad Moments → “Daddy’s sorry.”

OTH MEME: [6/6] Episodes → “You know, say what you will about the ravages of sports in this corporate age where overpaid athletes expect prima donna treatment, but there’s still something unifying about sporting in it’s purest form, when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness, and in doing so remind us all that we all have greatness inside of us.”

OTH MEME: [5/6] Episodes → “It doesn’t matter how you planned it. It doesn’t matter how you envision it. Without even knowing it sometimes life has a way of finding exactly what you need or exactly who you need.”

OTH MEME: [4/6] Episodes → “Not even I would shoot a man in the back, Lucas. Actually that’s not true, I’ve shot several men in the back. Most of them deserved it but I wouldn’t recommend you do it.”

OTH MEME: [3/6] Episodes → “Sure is a long way up mama. No it’s just a hill. Come on, we’ll climb it together. “

OTH MEME: [2/6] Episodes → “I remember this one summer, I was playing little league baseball, and I was the pitcher, and my dad was the coach. Anyway, this kid, Billy Lyons, he was a great hitter. Everything he hit was a home run. So, you know, he got up to the plate and there was nobody on base, so I just walked him. Four straight pitches, nothing even close to a strike. So my dad calls a timeout, comes to the mound, and I’m thinking he’s gonna say like, smart move or good thinking son, something like that. But instead… instead he grabs me by the arm, and he kicks me in the ass as hard as he can. I mean, he literally took me by the arm so that I wouldn’t like, go flying, he kicked me so hard. Then he brought Stevie Planking in to pitch, sat me on the bench, never mentioned it again.”

OTH MEME: [1/6] Episodes → “Who’s your favorite director? John Hughes. His movies were about the struggle that every teenager goes through. Talk about clear vision.”